God blesses those who sow to the Kingdom of God whether in Spirit or in Substance. The seed sown by those of you who gave to this cause is still being sown and I don't believe we have seen the work done here come to fruition yet. I believe the seed has been planted and when God sends the rain upon the fields their is going to be a harvest from the seed sown so many years ago into this little ministry that struggled and fought so hard for it's life.


   Jesus spoke this of himself, but I believe this also speaks volumes to us in regard to the season of planting and harvest. The seed that was sown in death, had life in it and it still does.


   But some of the soil (the hearts) that the seed was sown into was dusty and dry it was cursed because of the sin of Cain, that it should not bring forth. The Spirit of Lawlessness and Sin hath laid a great millstone over the door of the heart that it should not be opened to Christ the Spirit of Righteousness.


    I believe a day will come when this great millstone is going to be rolled away from the doorway to mans heart, and when the rain from Gods spirit passes over the seed this hard soil is going to yield to the seed to bring forth a harvest.


   Every day that goes by the death of this little Church that has echoed the Word of the True and Living God is a testimony of the depravity in the heart of mankind. Everyday that someone drives by and turns their head toward the doors of this church to see if anything has changed, it's a testimony of the desire deeply hidden within the heart and soul of every person to see the Church of the Living God powerful, alive and blessed, and a desire to see the blessing of God upon the people in the communities these Church's of the One True and Living God serves.


   The Church itself you might say, is a seed of itself. The outside of the Church the exterior, represents the corruption, the elements and the weather wear and erode the surfaces and eventually if it is not cared for it will fall into the earth and pass away and become one with the earth from which it came.


   But if you look inside the Church it's a place of safety, a place of shelter from the storms of life. A place to escape away from the hustle and bustle and the voices in the world that disrupt the peace in our hearts and our minds today.

   But most importantly the inside of the Church represents to us the love of God, who gave to us his Living Word, that has come to you and me over several thousands of years through, Moses, the prophets, and Apostles. Moses was the first man who came face to face with the Law of God and his Judgment against sin. Moses carried the Law of God for you and me down the mountain where God inscribed the Laws on stone with his own hand that we might see and know our transgressions and escape the certain Judgment of God by resisting the urge and the Subtle alluring of Satan to bring us deeper and deeper and deeper into the bondage to sin. 


   The Church is a birthing place, where God reveals to us his Marvelous love and invites us to come and have a drink of the Living Water that comes from Christ, our rock in a weary land and he is our Salvation. A place where those that are parched from walking the hot, dry and desert of Sin can get a cool drink.


   The Church is a place where the door is never closed to the weary, the downtrodden, the unclean, and anyone of us who thirsts may come and be made whole in the inward parts of our soul by Christ's Righteousness. A place where God said, "My house shall be called the house of prayer." A place that we can take all our troubles, our worries and cares, and lay them at the feet of Christ and ask Christ to help us because our load has become unbearable and their is nobody else in the World we can turn to who can help us.


   The Church has been a lighthouse, a beacon to those who have been dashed to pieces against the rocks trying to escape from the Greatest of storms on the Oceans of Sin. The light from the Light House (The Church of the One True and Living God) shines both night and day for those who have lost their way, and do not know where to turn.


   The light of truth will always shine brightly from the lighthouse, the lighthouse of God is never closed to anyone there is no need of the lighting fixtures because Christ is the light in that Great City of God, the Glorious Church.


   Because Christ is the Light of that Glorious City, the Church, we behold the Glory of Gods Righteousness even in our darkest hour. When we have Christ's Righteousness within these earthen vessels our light becomes a living Testimony of Christ, that he should be the Light of the Whole World. Christ is the Light of hope that shines in the darkness for all that hunger and thirst, that they should find the Door of Christ and feast on the Living bread and living water in the Kingdom of God.


He that drinks of the Living Waters that Christ Jesus gives to drink, shall never thirst again for the bitter waters of Marah. Exodus 5:23   

23 And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.

24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

The Gospel is the way of Salvation through Christ unto, Repentance, Baptism, and Conversion. No man is excluded from the plan of God except those who choose to remain slaves to Lucifer, who are chained and imprisoned by the Spirit of Lawlessness and Sin!

   If you do not have Christ you have been robbed of your, life both here and in the world to come, by a silent enemy, who has marked you for death friend, by the Spirit of Lawlessness and Sin, which was first found in the father of it who was cast down from heaven and deceived a third of the angels of heaven, that they should be slaves to him also. Lucifer enslaved the entire human race that they should be his posterity through Disobedience to the One True and Living God.

   God has given us a light and a way to escape this prison that Satan has created through original sin, which has come upon every man and woman that has ever been born in this world since Adam. Christ is our Savior, when we come through Christ and Obey the Gospel the curse of our prison is broken through obedience to the Gospel of Christ. When we are Obedient to the Gospel of Christ, Satan's hold and and his power over us is broken.

  We are created a new creature in Christ, we are released from the Curse of Sin and Death, and we are raised unto life in Christ through the Power of his resurrection. Bless, the Name of YahvahShua (Jesus) Acts 2:38

 see: An Exhortation to crucify the Man of Sin

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